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How We Do Business

  • How much will this cleaning cost me ?
    This is something in everyones mind however this question is not a one shoe fits all. We'd like to have conversation with you first. All cleaning jobs are slightly different, and we customize whats best for you. Please feel free to call us or contact us for a free consultation.
  • How long does a cleaning job take ?
    Every job is different . We will have to measure the square footage and if there are particular places, appliances such as ovens fridges,etc.
  • What should I be aware of before a cleaning  ?
    We will sit down and go over all of those details. In general we want to ensure we are clear of all of the expectations you may have . We want to satisfy all your cleaning needs so you can always contact us and tell us about the job you have in mind.
  • How did you get started on this line of work?
    Our cleaners come from many different backgrounds. Some of us worked on construction companies, were stay at home moms as well as backgrounds on other cleaning companies. We at DeSantis believe that trusting on all of our skills as a company makes us stronger and we want to bring that experience to you.
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